Case Studies


At HQBS, we use our industry expertise and in-depth understanding of our customers to meet their needs, keep their costs down, and reduce their carbon footprint. But don’t just take our word for it!

Holiday Inn, Stannington, Morpeth

Reducing their carbon footprint, whilst reducing their energy costs

The owner of the Holiday Inn at Stannington came to HQBS Energy Solutions via a recommendation from an industry professional. They were looking to reduce their carbon footprint, whilst reducing their energy costs.


Thumbs Up, Bury

Reducing operational costs when producing plastic mouldings

The Finance Director from Thumbs Up, a large plastics mouldings company in Bury, came to us via a recommendation.  Their decision to use CHP was focused on the significant savings they would make on their energy costs


Loch Lomond Golf Club

Meeting high hot water demands with Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

We were approached directly by Loch Lomond Golf Club, following a recommendation they received from their Mechanical & Electrical Consultant. The CHP was required for their new accommodation block, which was under construction at the time, to help specifically with the high hot water demands.


Abodus Student Living, Durham

Reducing energy costs, while improving sustainability

The Energy Manager of Abodus Student Living came directly to HQBS Energy Solutions via recommendation. Abodus Student Living are a company that own and run student accommodation blocks across the UK.


Combined Heat and Power (CHP) creates a two-for-one energy production deal

Future-proof your business with a cost-efficient energy solution

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