Loch Lomond Golf Club

Loch Lomond Golf Club

Meeting high hot water demands with Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

HQBS Energy Solutions were approached directly by Loch Lomond Golf Club, following a recommendation they received from their Mechanical & Electrical Consultant. A Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit was required for their new accommodation block, which was under construction at the time.

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CO2 Savings per annum



Over a 1-year period, the unit is running at 107% efficiency.

The CHP would help specifically with the high hot water demands.  The Consultant had advised the customer of the size of unit required to make the cost savings.

The Indop 6TO is now fully installed and has been running for over a year.  The unit is providing approximately 30% of their electrical demand and 60% of their hot water demand.  These savings can be increased by using a larger CHP, which would be dependent on budget.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) creates a two-for-one energy production deal

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