Thumbs Up, Bury

Thumbs Up, Bury

Reducing operational costs when producing plastic mouldings

Thumbs Up is a large plastics moulding company in Bury that takes an integrated approach to business with manufacturing, packaging, sales, and delivery all being carried out in-house.

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The Finance Director from Thumbs Up approached HQBS Energy Solutions following a recommendation.  The organisation was looking to switch to Combined Heat and Power (CHP) energy to make significant savings on their energy costs.

When HQBS began working with Thumbs Up, the customer had no need for the hot water that would be produced by their new CHP. Following a site survey, HQBS found an existing chilled water system which could be used to run the CHP hot water. By providing and installing an absorption chiller, the heat will be turned into chilled water, which will then be fed into the existing, process chilled water system.

After reviewing the size of the premises and the 24/7 operational demand, along with the client’s budget and current work demands, HQBS decided the 1.2MW CHP was the best fit for the application.  This unit will produce approximately 75% of their electrical requirements, contributing approximately 200KW of chilled water to their chiller system.

Another option was to use a larger 1.5KW CHP. With this system, Thumbs Up could expect to see up to 99% of the electrical demand met. However, the customer did not want to commit to the extra outlay at this time.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) creates a two-for-one energy production deal

Future-proof your business with a cost-efficient energy solution

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