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HQBS provides a full package service of bespoke energy solutions to businesses.

At HQBS, we pride ourselves on taking a personal approach to our work. By getting to know our customers, their challenges, and their goals, we are able to provide personalised, cost-effective Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions.

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How We Work With You

HQBS offers a full package service to our customers. From conducting an initial energy assessment to maintenance of your new Combined Heat and Power solution – we will manage every step of the process. We work hard to make things seamless and simple for our customers.

1. Getting to Know You

Our HQBS energy specialists will start by working to understand your business operations, challenges, and goals. We will then conduct a full energy assessment of your business.

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2. Identify Possible Savings

Using the information we’ve gathered from step one, we will identify opportunities and make recommendations for your energy needs. These recommendations will focus on optimising energy efficiency, improving your carbon footprint, and reducing costs.

3. Finance

HQBS offers a range of flexible financing options for customers. We know that the initial costs of setting up a new Combined Heat and Power system can seem daunting, but we will work with you to find a financing arrangement that fits your needs.

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4. Design and Planning

Our designers will get to work designing your Combined Heat and Power system. They will plan out the installation, ensuring that your operational continuity is a priority throughout the process.

5. Installation and Commissioning

Our HQBS installation experts will construct and activate your Combined Heat and Power system on-site.

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6. Maintenance and Aftercare

Once your CHP is up and running, HQBS will continue to be committed to your business. We offer a range of aftercare solutions, focusing on continual optimisation of your energy performance and adding value to help you achieve your organisational goals.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) creates a two-for-one energy production deal

Future-proof your business with a cost-efficient energy solution

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