Is Combined Heat And Power (CHP) Right For My Business?

Is Combined Heat And Power (CHP) Right For My Business?

Combined Heat and Power systems are an ideal solution for businesses looking to reduce energy costs, lower carbon emissions and optimise their energy consumption.

HQBS has worked closely with customers across many sectors to implement CHP solutions and optimise cost-efficiencies and environmental benefits.

Read our CASE STUDIES to learn more about some of the businesses we have worked with and the financial and environmental impact that CHP solutions have had for them.

CHP systems provide benefits to all high energy users. Some CHP applications include:


Office buildings


Care homes

Sports stadiums

Leisure facilities

Student accommodation

Engineering and manufacturing

Commercial retail

Farming and horticulture

If you are considering CHP for your business, HQBS are here to help.

Get in touch to discuss your business requirements and goals and we will be more than happy to help.

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