Power Purchase Agreements


Take control of your energy supply, reduce your energy bills, and decrease your carbon footprint with no risk, no upfront cost, and no impact on your balance sheet!

Significant risk-free savings

Cap-ex free solution

No service or maintenance charges

Substantial reduction of carbon footprint

At HQBS, we recognise that one of the main challenges to getting your business set up with Combined Heat and Power (CHP) energy is the upfront capital investment. That’s why we offer Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) options, which require no upfront costs, making CHP solutions more accessible so that you can experience the benefits sooner.

So How Does It Work?

Start Saving Money With No Up-Front Cost

Under a PPA, HQBS will assume the Capex purchase cost of the CHP unit and all set-up costs. Once the CHP is up-and-running, it will provide electricity and heating direct to your premises, taking your energy needs off the grid. HQBS will monitor your electricity consumption and bill you at an agreed rate per kW. These costs will be substantially lower than what you were paying for grid electricity, and you will start saving money off your bottom line right away while securing your power supply!

What Can You Expect With a PPA?

HQBS will cover the full cost of installation. Where needed, this will cover:  

  • Design / planning / DNO authorisation 
  • Hardware (ie: the main CHP unit) 
  • Mechanical installation 
  • Electrical installation 
  • Flues 
  • Controls
  • Metering 
  • Commissioning, including G99 electrical testing 
  • Registration with CHPQA 

As part of your PPA, HQBS will take care of all service and maintenance, for both parts and labour, including: 

  • Routine inspection servicing  
  • Annual main service 
  • Call-outs 
  • Remote Performance Monitoring 

As part of the installation, HQBS Energy will install billing grade meters that will be used to gather data every half hour for: 

  • Electricity generated 
  • Heat generated 
  • Gas consumed  
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